Congratulations Sharon!

CONGRATULATIONS to Sharon Pittuck! Winner of our 1st iPad giveaway as part of our SOUPer Ambassadors competition! 
Stay tuned as will we be giving away 2 iPad Minis in 2 weeks time! 
Sharon really got what we were looking for in the competition with her fabilous entries over the last 2 weeks, she posted notes in Tescos and event left soups around her neighbourhood for people to find!
... What a legend! 

Keep Going - Pots More Prizes to Come!!!

(Some of Sharon's entries above)

Runner up Prizes for the following entries!

First Runner Up!

Our FIRST runner up is 'helloitsalice12' with this fantastic post from Instagram! Well done Alice, you get a cosy CULLY & SULLY Hoody!

Second Runner Up!

Our SECOND runner up is Sue Bentley Was-Hayden with this very cosy looking photo she posted on our Facebook page! Congratulations, Sue! We're sending you out a very cool CULLY & SULLY cooler bag and a CULLY & SULLY flask!

Third Runner Up!

And the THIRD runner up is......Mike Daly! Mike sent us this very cute photo on our Facebook page! We have a CULLY & SULLY Apron coming your way to keep that lovely skirt soup-splash free and a CULLY & SULLY flask to keep your soup warm!

Fourth Runner Up!

Congratulations Lucy Hill! Lucy sent this picture on Twitter of her and her friends enjoying CULLY & SULLY soup! We are sending you a CULLY & SULLY flask to keep your soup warm right until lunchtime and a cooler bag to bring home from Tesco ;) Well done SOUPer Ambassador!

Fifth Runner Up!

The FIFTH runner up comes from Juliet, who posted this very heartwarming video on our instagram page! Juliet, There is a CULLY & SULLY apron and flask coming your way! Congratulations, SOUPer Ambassador!

A video posted by Juliet (@chameleons17) on

Sixth Runner Up!

Our SIXTH and final runner up is Ellie, who posted this very creative video on our Twitter. We <3 it, SOUPer Ambassador. Ellie, there is a CULLY & SULLY cooler bag and an Apron coming your way!

Keep Going - Pots More Prizes to Come!!!