Asian BBQ Quail


I love quail, especially done with an asian influence. You can have great fun with this marinade. Try adding a jar of hoisin sauce or fresh chilli and honey instead of sweet chilli sauce.


  • Mix all the ingredients, bar the quail, to make a marinade.
  • Pop the quail into a dish single layer, and pour over the marinade.
  • Cover and pop in the fridge for 24 to 48 hours.
  • Heat your BBQ.
  • Make sure you tuck the wings in, so the breast cooks evenly.
  • These little birds only take 8 - 10 minutes to cook so have everything else done first.
  • Pop them on the BBQ and turn every 2 minutes to stop burning, be careful not to overcook.
  • They should still be a little pink at the bone, not raw.

Stuff the Pigeons


Hi there, Right, I've been meaning to update this part of the website for ages so I am going to do it now for almost 18 months after we launched the business. I still issue a serious warning about my recipes: Bluffing and frantic phone calls to Ballymaloe are very often required. I was discussing this with Cul the other day and we were saying that people are generally known for trademark dishes. Mine is lamb and anything that involves a great deal of hassle/confusion. Some friends of mine will always do pastry-based meals, some rice/pasta and so on. One friend, Andy just does lasagne. So trying to get people to start eating or cooking something completely different is tricky. This is really I suppose pertinent to our business as there are a lot of people who eat prepared meals and then there are those that don't but they do use convenience sauces/soups/pasta or other things. I'm continually fascinated by the number of cookbooks people have. Mum has bucket loads as they're used for her business. I think it's interesting though when I'm in some people's houses and they have amazing kitchens, loads of cook books and then they can barely boil and egg. We have never had so many books/TV programmes and celeb chefs, yet we have never had so many people who can't cook? So I've become a bit sceptical of recipes and to be completely honest I don't really believe anybody is going to follow any of my recipes (I wouldn't) so I'll tell a yarn that has a good and proven recipe attached: On a Friday afternoon earlier last year I found myself in Dublin looking for whole pigeons. Little did I know what a mission it would be to find them! Sometimes I have a tendency to pull out all the stops and this was definitely one of those times. Chefs in some of Dublin's better restaurants and an army of people from Ballymaloe were put to task to find me pigeons , they were eventually found in La Rousse. The lady there thought I was slightly nuts as I stopped one of her drivers in the middle of Stephens Green wondering if he had any pigeons in the back of his truck and she had already been plagued by all various restaurateurs trying to help. Eventually after getting completely lost in Clondalkin I collected my 8 pigeons and drove north with a recipe from Ivan of The Grapefruit Moon restaurant. If the pigeons haven't been gutted you'll have to do it - in fact I thought the pigeons had been gutted so as you may imagine I got slightly frustrated when I discovered I had to do the honours - I was absolutely convinced they had been gutted. I was about to use my hot line to Cork but fortunately a rescuer showed me how it was done thankfully, but don't forget to take out the lungs!  


  • Place some fat (I spotted a tin of duck fat) on the bottom of a roasting tray and place the pigeons on top.
  • Season with salt, pepper & sprigs of thyme.
  • I cooked them in an aga for around 40 minutes but 180 degrees celsius for the same amount of time should be ok I think.
  • Fry off about 3 onions in loads of butter.
  • Crumble a loaf of slightly stale white bread in a magi mix.
  • Add the breadcrumbs to the onions.
  • Then add in some chopped parsley, thyme, salt & pepper.
  • Add a load of sherry also 'till it tastes good.
  • Get one of those small bags of walnuts in the supermarket.
  • Crush the walnuts and place on a tray, then gently roast in the oven.
  • Once roasted add the walnuts to the breadcrumb mix.
  • When the pigeons are cooked, add the juice/fat from the pigeons to the stuffing and mix well.
  • Then stuff the pigeons.
  • Serve with roasted potato's, carrots, turnips & garlic.
  • Sully x