Chicken Liver Pate


Most good chickens come with the liver inside. Some day when you have time, try making a little chicken liver pate. If you have a blender, it will save you having to force the cooked liver through a sieve. This is the Ballymaloe House recipe, I like it best slightly chilled on warm crispy bread.


  • A little melted butter.
  • Fry the chicken liver in some of the butter.
  • Rub through a sieve.
  • Boil and scrape out the pan with brandy.
  • Mix with the livers, beat in the remaining butter, garlic and thyme.
  • Season carefully.
  • Put into small pots and run melted butter over the top.

Steak For The Boys


Last week I had my brother in-law [I hate this in-law business] over for steak as my sister is vegetarian and he had been sick and I felt he needed some good rare steak, he agreed! Eventually this turned into dinner for 8 - one was vegetarian but I'll get to that later. With the right frame of mind this is easy and not overly expensive. I recommend getting the best fillet steak you can buy; from a local butcher who fattens his own cows if possible and ask him to cut them good and thick. They'll be about 8 euro each if your being generous. 


  • Put them all on a tray, cover them in olive oil, try to only have it one layer thick (You may need to trays) and roast them in the oven at a high heat.
  • You may have to put different things in at different times but that's fine.
  • Potatoes will take the longest, but you could boil them a little first.
  • Give your onions (or shallots) plenty of time too.
  • Turn the vegetable regularly during cooking.
  • Another essential is a really good green salad.
  • Hard to get unless you have a good source.
  • I have to recommend Darina's lettuce here available (if you're there early enough) at the Cookery School Stand at Midleton Farmers Market it is simply fabulous.
  • A full plastic shopping bag cost me the bones of 10 euros but it easily 10 euros but it easily fed the 8 of us for dinner and left some for me to eat during the week.
  • Just make a simple dressing to go with this, available on several of the Cully & Sully packs!
  • Finally, I made Bearnaise sauce this is what makes it really special.
  • It may split, mine did! But you'll get over that. It's risky yes, It's tricky a bit, ITS WORTH IT DEFINITELY.
  • I accidentally left mine on a high heat but fortunately spotted it just as it began to split.
  • Quickly I got Meredith to start whisking it as I threw in a few ice cubes.
  • This was enough to save it and some welcome advice for you!